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Smile LA is the only place in Los Angeles I would ever take my son to. D (17 mo) went for his first pediatric visit and I am very happy with the place. I have been to a lot of pediatric offices for my son, and this has been by far the best. I filled out all the forms online last night (at my convenience) and went in at the appointed time. Parking problem.. I got street parking right in front. Once in a kind lady at the front desk told us the office policies and had me sign (electronically) a couple of forms. Within 5 min Diane was there to take care of us. She went over what the first visit entails and what to look out for as far as maintaining oral hygiene for D was concerned. She help me with my bag as we went in too. Inside, the place was spacious and clean. She quickly took a look and cleaned D’s teeth. Then Dr. Remm took a look at him and did a quick flouride coat for his teeth and took care of “blunting” his super sharp teeth so he wouldn’t cut his lip as often(this was at my behest).

And oh yeah even though we didn’t have to spend almost anytime in the wating area, it was really well equipped. D loves books and they has some very nice books (all in excellent condition).

I would 100% recommend this place. And the fact that they are green(even the sign-in sheet is a white board) just makes them even better… and makes me SMILE !

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